HELP of Beaufort's mission is to provide emergency assistance to the
people of Beaufort County and surrounding areas with specific basic needs.


HELP of Beaufort

pic4HELP Of Beaufort was founded in July 1979. The 1st Presbyterian Church of Beaufort started HELP as a mission outreach to the needy of Beaufort County. HELP was located at 910 North St until 1985. In May 1985, a letter was submitted to the city requesting a new location for HELP. It was okayed in June and HELP moved July 19th,1985. The new location was the old concrete structures in Pigeon Point Park. There were originally 10 of these buildings, constructed as apartment buildings in 1942 for World War II civil service workers. They were named the Woodward Apartments. This property belonged to the City of Beaufort and gradually, as the buildings became too expensive to maintain, and were no longer needed. In April, 2000, HELP was told they would have to move. The last of the concrete buildings were then demolished. A family park, Pigeon Point Park, was constructed on the site.

Beaufort City Councilwoman Donnie Beer, who was aware of the efforts by HELP to find a home, introduced Jay Snyder, then president of HELP, to 303 Associates, who were instrumental in assisting HELP to find the perfect location, a building at 1910 Baggett St, near the Department Of Social Services. It is rented to HELP at $1 per month. The building needed some interior modification, most of which was accomplished by HELP Volunteers who dedicated many hours of thought and labor to this project. The hard work was finally completed and the Encore Group of the First Presbyterian Church, as one of their civic good deeds, volunteered to move HELP from Pigeon Point to Baggett Street which they did with skill and speed on May 3rd,2000. The Help Volunteers rallied round on the fourth and fifth of May to put things in order. The board of directors elected Pierre McGowan to serve as the new president on May 6 and HELP opened for business on Monday, May 8th, 2000.

In June 2005, HELP’s building burnt down. At that time we had a collection box outside the building. Someone donated and put a mattress outside and leaned it against the building. According to the fire department, someone came along and caught the mattress on fire. The fire was contained mainly in the ceiling of the building. However, there was considerable water and smoke damage to everything. The files were taken to Allie’s home for safekeeping and the food that was salvaged was stored in a building at Allied Van Lines in Port Royal. The building was rebuilt and we opened for business again in January 2006.

In February 2009, Steve Curless, the president, started the Community Services Organization. It is a group of all the non-profits in Beaufort County. They all started working together to allow the non-profits to help people more by connecting them all by email. When a person is in need, an email is sent to everyone in the CSO and everyone comes together to help out. It is also used to stop the abuse of the people who take advantage of all the non-profits. In April, 2010, we started using an online database called Charity Tracker. This program allows each organization to log on and see where a person has been helped before. Each person’s information is entered into the system and each organization enters how they assisted the individual. This allows other organizations to decide if they are willing to help them. So, if a person has been to all 5 food banks in the area in a week’s time, and they see that that person is receiving $900 a month in food stamps, they can decide if this person is scamming or if they really do need the food they are trying to get. It has become a very useful tool and is in use in most every non-profit and many churches throughout Beaufort County.

HELP of Beaufort is a United Way and a Coastal Community Foundation agency. Several churches, businesses and individuals graciously provide financial support to HELP of Beaufort. Grant awards also provide funding for HELP’s services.