Mobile Meals/Pantry

Mobile Meals

Our clients on our Mobile Meals Program are the areas most vulnerable. The homebound clients that are unable to cook, are delivered 5 meals per week from our volunteer staff, along with an extra grocery bag of items tailored to each individual. Those bags may include bread, tuna fish, soup, heathy snacks, produce, etc. Although we have a sliding scale for full pay, partial pay or free meals, 98% of the clients do not qualify to pay anything….we never turn a client away in need. Our prepared meals are prepared in the kitchen of the Lowcountry Food Bank in Charleston. Their wide variety of menus gives our client a wonderful different selection of meals every week. With our cost of $3 per meal, each clients costs $60 a month to feed. With your help of a monthly recurring donation we can bridge that gap and help keep our clients on a healthy eating schedule, when they need it most.

Mobile Pantry

Our Mobile Pantry Program offers our homebound, but able to cook clients, a path to healthy eating. We offer them a few bags of groceries at the end of the month when it’s needed most, when their food stamps are set to expire. It gets them through that end of the month feeling and they don’t have to worry about groceries for the week. A typical grocery delivery consists of canned veggies, canned soups, cereal, canned soups, tuna fish, spaghetti and spaghetti sauce, healthy snacks, package of frozen meat, fresh produce and sometimes items such as shampoo or deodorant. A grocery delivery for a client normally costs us about $40 per client. Your monthly recurring donation would be much appreciated to continue this program to service those in need.